Appointments & Insurance

Our office strives to be convenient and fair to all of our patients, which is why we have carefully crafted our scheduling policies with everyone in mind. Many of our patients have school and/or work during the day, and we are sensitive to their needs for afternoon appointments. Due to the demand for these time slots, late afternoon appointments are reserved for shorter adjustment appointments, so that as many patients can be seen in the afternoons as possible. Longer appointments, such as initial banding, de-banding, and emergency or repair appointments, will be scheduled during the day. Also, missed or cancelled appointments will often need to be scheduled during the day, since our afternoon appointments are often filled weeks in advance.

We realize that unforeseen events sometimes occur to require an appointment to be changed. If such a situation occurs, we ask that you give us 24-hours notice if at all possible. This will enable us to reappoint you efficiently to get your procedure accomplished.


Our office is committed to helping you maximize your insurance benefits. Because insurance policies vary so much and change so frequently, we do not know the coverage for specific insurance companies. It is a very dynamic industry, constantly changing contracts. However, we are happy to fill out forms necessary for you to get reimbursed for your total benefits covered. Please feel free to request our assistance and services for you with insurance.